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City of Phoenix Transportation Department

Stormwater GIS Development

Supporting a significant upgrade of the existing storm water GIS database at the City of Phoenix, GeoIT staff performed the following tasks:

  • Conducted a database design and data maintenance application needs assessment through a series of on site workshops
  • Authored a Findings Memorandum with the results of the workshops
  • Created a new geodatabase design and database dictionary for Stormwater data using the UML template for Visio

  • Created an application design documentation for a set of custom data maintenance tools based upon the ESRI Infrastructure Desktop Tools as a framework
  • Programmed and QC tested the specified tools using C#.Net
  • Created a pilot (training) dataset following the new geodatabase design
  • Developed User and Installation & Configuration guides
  • Provided train-the-trainer assistance

The tools were immediately then put into production use on the project and have been performing admirably.

Otay Water District

Strategic and Implementation Planning

GeoIT staff are on-call consultants to the Otay Water District and have provided timely GIS strategy and implementation planning support on an as-needed basis for many years.   GeoIT has assisted with the District’s GIS Strategic Plan, as well as provided input on GIS and CMMS integration, cloud-based services, work management system implementation, and other topics.