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Rancho California Water District

GIS Strategic Plan

GeoIT supported Psomas Engineering in their development of an Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan for the Rancho California Water District.   GeoIT staff participated in the on-site needs assessment workshops, contributed to the Enterprise Requirements and Strategic Vision documents,  and were the primary authors of the Implementation (project definitions) and Technology Trends / Recommendations sections.

Twenty four (24) different design, data development, application development, and operations projects were recommended over a five-year window.  Each project description included a definition of: objectives, participants, implementation methods, resources, deliverables (outcomes), and continuing operations for each project.

GeoIT’s primary area of focus was GIS and CMMS  (Hansen) integration, as well as the overall GIS infrastructure strategic design.   GeoIT staff also provided detailed input into the budget, schedule, governance, and operations sections of the document.

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Information Technology Assessment

Mr. Hoefer was the lead consultant and project manager for an in-depth information technology assessment of a complex electronic database (system) being used by several divisions of Caltrans.  He directed the technical research, conducted dozens of team interviews, compiled the resulting information, and progressively presented the results to a steering committee over the course of the 10-month project.   Mr. Hoefer developed a series of enhancement recommendations that could accomplished within the available implementation funding and time window, as well as a long-term vision for an eventual replacement component architecture based upon Server Oriented Architecture (SOA) design principles.   The project was well-received by the steering committee  as the team was able to present highly complex subject material in an easily digestible fashion leading to a full consensus on the technological path forward.