System Design and Implementation Planning

Our staff have extensive experience in the design and development of GIS technology and related IT systems.  We take particular pride in designing systems that are practical (economical) to both build and maintain.  We will work closely with your staff to create a system design and implementation plan that fits your needs in a timely  and efficient manner:

  • Equipment selection and sizing
  • Network connectivity, including firewall and remote access configuration
  • Server virtualization and configuration
  • Web service design and implementation
  • Workstation, web, and mobile application design and  configuration
  • Geodatabase design and development
  • System monitoring and update support
  • Custom software deployment and integration  (as-needed)
  • Application, data, and system acceptance testing  support

GeoIT staff have had a long and successful track record of undertaking a complex set of data, application, and system requirements and developing detailed, yet easy-to-understand, system designs and implementation plans that provide a clear and workable path forward in order to meet those requirements.

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