GIS for Public Works Agencies

Our staff understand that public works agencies have a unique perspective in that most of their work repairing potholes, removing graffiti, trimming trees, and so forth, has a prominent impact on the urban landscape.   Therefore, quality public-facing services are a high priority.

Public works agencies also have unique challenges in that identification and location of assets through simple street addressing is not adequate (i.e. what is the street address of a tree in the middle of the park?).  Using electronic mapping as the primary means of communication, both internally and externally, is a practical solution.

GIS technology has distinct benefits and is a natural fit for public works agencies.   Some of the more popular applications of GIS for public works include:

  • Map atlas production
  • Maintenance management system integration
  • Dispatch and routing of work crews and inspectors
  • Public-facing service request intake website
  • Contaminant / spill tracing (downstream) and  source detection  (upstream)
  • Storm water hydraulic modeling interface
  • NPDES compliance reporting

To view descriptions of our recent public works agency GIS development projects please click here.

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