Empower your Utility GIS with GeoIT!

GeoIT Resources, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with innovative geospatial and information technology solutions, products, and services focusing on Esri technology supporting public works, water & waste water, and transportation agencies.

GeoIT offers full-service Geographic Information System (GIS) design,  installation, configuration, programming, documentation and training services that can be tailored to small departmental projects as well as full enterprise implementations.  Whether it is a light mobile geospatial application or an agency-wide GIS production database and web-dissemination solution, GeoIT has the resources and skills to readily accomplish your vision.

GeoIT staff have successfully completed hundreds of projects for federal, state, and local governments, as well as dozens of projects and product development support for commercial enterprises that provide us  with a broad background of experience.

Put our vast experience to work for you.   As a member of your project team, we will apply our extensive system design and application development experience to building innovative geospatial and IT solutions.  We also routinely access a growing network of third-party vendors that provide additional adaptable software products that can be incorporated into your GIS and IT infrastructure.   GeoIT staff have a considerable breadth of expertise on a  large variety of geospatial and IT platforms, applications, and tools.

Our corporate philosophy is to have a client focus in everything we  do, providing sensible and pragmatic solutions to problems in a timely and efficient (affordable) manner.

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